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The People I Love


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Nathaniel Ethan


I live with my Mommy every day! We play together and learn together, and run errands together, and have lots of fun together. My Mommy's name is Mira (meer 'ah), but a lot of people still call her Mindy. She teaches art and music and Hebrew and loves to sing, and I love to sing with her!


My Mama visits to play with me all the time! I love reading stories and watching videos and playing games with her while she's here! My Mama's name is Deb. She is a psychiatric vocational rehabilitation counselor, which means she helps people get prepared to get jobs! She's also getting ready to start working on her Master's Degree! Go Mama!

Birth Mommy Vinnie

I'm so very blessed to have so many people who love me so much!  I've finally figured out that I grew in my Birth Mommy Vinnie's tummy before I was born into my Mommy's arms. 

All my Grandparents

My Nonee and my Boppie are my paternal Birth Grandparents. I see them every few months, and I love them with all my heart! Nonee is a special ed teacher, just like Mommy was before I was born. Boppie is a professor and a writer, very cool!

My Gammy and my Papa are my Mama's parents. They live very far away and I see them every year or two. They love playing bridge and they do not like snow!

My Bubbe and my Zayde are my Mommy's maternal grandparents. They also live very far away, and do not like the snow!

Honorary Birth Daddy Chris 
Grandmom Cole
Grandpop Cole

Birth Daddy Sheer

My Birth Daddy Sheer I used to call Jonathan, but now I call him "My Birth Daddy". I just realized this summer that my family is different from most of my friends, and I like being able to tell people that I have a Birth Daddy. I told my Mommy that I wanted him to visit me this summer and he drove all the way across the country just to see me! We had so much fun playing the piano, and with my train set together, and reading stories. I hope I get to see him again soon.

All My Aunts and Uncles

Aunt Coley is Mommy's little sister. She is a public health educator, and me and Mommy are very proud of her. She lives with Uncle Mike, and I'm looking forward to meeting him someday soon!

Uncle Jim is Mama's big brother. He used to make teddybears! Very cool! He and Aunt Zelma have come to visit me a couple of times, and I hope they do again!

Aunt Jenn is my Birth Daddy's big sister. She works with animals, which I hope to do someday too. I haven't gotten to spend much time with her, and I hope to get to know her much better as I get older.

Uncle Joe is my Mommy's heart-big-brother. Mommy loves him so much, and knows that no matter how sad she feels, Uncle Joe always loves her. He's also a computer guru and a lot of fun for me to play with!

Aunt Nik is one of my Mama's best friends. She is my godmother, and an attorney, and we visit each other whenever we can.



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